We are focused on fulfilling the needs of our clients and we also accept individual orders. Our philosophy is not just to supply new products but to implement new ideas in new markets. Our offer includes products for many different fields – construction, new technology, cosmetics, the sanitary field.

The key to our success is a rich offer of products and high level service, suitable conditions and terms and a fast delivery of materials.

The brands which we have created are promoted and distributed in Poland and around the world:


The Construction Branch






Biokos wood and houses from Siberian logs www.bioikos.euour brand

We build houses for the whole year from round logs with a diameter of 26cm to 40cm and glued logs ( 21cm x 19cm, 31cm x 19cm ) exclusively from the highest quality of wood such as Siberian cider , Siberian larch and Siberian pine.

We import Siberian wood in the form of planks and finished materials such as terrace planks, floor boards, elevation profiles from Siberian cedar, Siberian pine and Siberian larch and other available types of wood. Houses built of round solid logs which have a diameter of 26 cm and do 75915_704047806283928_1681488053_nnot require additional insulation and are thus houses which can be used all year round. During the summer Siberian log cabins feel pleasantly cool and in winter are very warm creating a wonderful atmosphere. The technology we use allows us to  perfectly seal the building. After properly positioning the logs  under the pressure of the roof the house should sink into the ground about 15cm in two years and then there is no question of any crevice. The house is hermetically sealed and 100% organic. Walls made from Siberian cedar  with the same wall thickness as Siberian pine  are about 10% warmer  and about 30% warmer than the walls made fromSsiberian larch. Siberian wood houses are warmer than homes made from brick and concrete. Siberian wood has remarkable health properties – ideal for allergy sufferers. Houses built using this technology can be found all over the world but mostly in Canada and Siberia where they have survived in adverse weather conditions to this day. Some of them are even a few hundred years old.



E-commerce branch


Online Shop of NajlepszeProdukty.com is a great delicatessen and opportunity to buy natural products from all over the world in one place. We carefully select products directly from manufacturers from Poland, Latvia, Russia, UK, to be original, high class, natural and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. In the shop you will also find BIO and EKO fruit or the NEW product Honey Souffle in delicious taste (eg honey with banana souffle).

We invite you to individual purchases and we encourage you to cooperate with interested shops.



New Technology Branch



Social Wifi – which focuses on the service that converts free internet access in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping malls, the tool which allows to reach people interested in the offer client. Social Wifi can be installed wherever you use the Internet. A tool which allows to send mailings, promotions, information directly to customers. With this service, you will find out how many customers have used the Internet in your area. Sharing internet through Social Wifi, offers many opportunities.

The service Social Wi-fi for the catering business

Social Wi-fi is the service that helps the owners of the Wi-fi network in restaurants or cafes to have an interaction with their clients. After having logged into the network , the clients have an opportuuse_social_wifinity to see the special and integrated with Facebook the profile welcome page where they can find prepared promotions, send their messages to the fanpage of the hotel , see the current events or the information about the place and how to contact with the staff. Social Wi-fi allows the Wi-fi integration with the profile of the hotel on Facebook both from the graphic page ( the photos on the background and logo) and functional page. Every client that is connected to hotspot in the restaurant can take a fancy to the profile of the brand and register in the attended place. Thanks to this , the information about the profile’s viewings is shown on the client’s Facebook сhart. The one registration brings approximately up to 120 friends. There are minimum 150 users of the Social Wi-fi that are registered in the restaurant, and it clearly shows that 18 000 of people can see the registrations on their Facebook walls.

The service Social Wi-fi for the Shops or Shopping Malls

The client who wants to use the Wi-fi in the shop can log in to the network with the help of social media or e-mail and after that he/she comes across with the special and integrated with Facebook the profile welcome page. There can be found the information regarding promotions in the following shop , upcoming current events and contact details. Thanks to the process of initialization, every user of Wi-fi appears in the database of contacts that later allows to have a contact with the him/her. The Manager of the shop that uses Social Wi-fi has an opportunity to stay in touch with the clients. Every person that is logged to the network of the shop can send their opinion to the Manager of the shop in a few clicks. The Manager of the shop may not only examine the opinions concerning his/her shop , but also can send them effective surveys through the Internet. It is possible to add prepared by specialists template or your own question. Even more , by using functions of sending mails and notifications on Facebook , the Manager can build the customer loyalty , inform them about the competitions , promotions and redirect to the profile where the customer may also buy the things.



Cosmetics branch






We are pleased to present you our product catalogue containing Invex Remedies professional beauty treatments and cosmetics.

The Invex Remedies company evolved from the InnovationImplementation Unit called INWEX, established by Stanisław Szczepaniak, a brilliant chemist and inventor. Mr Szczepaniak is a holder of more than 150 patents and a winner of multiple awards, gold and silver medals received at innovation fairs.

The Invex Remedies company, relying on INWEX research output, developed and patented advanced technologies for the beauty industry. Using those technologies, it is possible to obtain elemental particles that are over ten times smaller than nanoparticles. Those are appropriately fragmented and protected against cluster formation, which makes them a perfectly effective tool in cosmetology. Parcels of active ingredients delivered with this technology provide the most efficient combination of components, readily assimilated into skin Innovative formulas, on which Invex Remedies cosmetics and diet supplements are based, are protected by numerous patents, patent applications and trademarks. Those were awarded gold medals, cups and diplomas granted on three continents, and also numerous prizes and distinctions in Poland.invex_remedies_kosmetyki

Organic cream with boron (SILOR+B) was awarded Cup, Gold Medal and Diplomas by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), Gold Medal with the Jury distinction at the International Warsaw Invention Show (2010). It won, among others, the Innovation of the Year Award (2010), Golden Emblem in the category of highest quality product in the Quality International 2009, Leader of Innovation and Development, Warsaw 2010, and Cup and Diploma of Poland’s Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Monoionic silver with boron (Ag124) won prestigious awards, Crystal Ball and Gold Medal at Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart, Gold Medal with the Jury distinction at the International Warsaw Invention Show (2011), and also Gold Medals at fairs INTARG (Katowice, Poland), iENA (Nuremberg, Germany), Kunshan (China). It was also awarded Cup and Diploma of Poland’s Minister of Science and Higher Education and numerous medals and diplomas in the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Iran, and those issued by different associations in Asia.

Monoionic gold (Au100) also earned major awards, including Great Prize (AEI 2012), Special Prize (IWIS 2012), Gold Medal with the Jury distinction, Gold Medal and diplomas in Teheran, medals and diplomas in Russia and Romania, Cup and Diploma of Poland’s Minister of Science and Higher Education. Dermocosmetics developed for both the professional and retail lines are well adapted to skin needs, depending on its type and the user age. All products are based on ultra- and micro-elements necessary for the body to perform well. The products have been dermatologically tested and their effectiveness has been proved by in vivo tests.



AGD/RTV branch



The first product of the company was a snap to PRO ACTION REPLAY consoles, then appeared at that time only steering wheel with gear lever and hand brake designed for both consoles and PCs. The company soon expanded its range of DVD players, recorders, computer accessories and LCD displays, home theater equipment and small appliances.Manta SA. This is one of the leading companies on the Polish market of multimedia, consumer electronics, computer accessories and appliances common class. It was established in 1998 in Warsaw, as the culmination of a passion of young people the world of computers, games, and virtual reality website.

The contribution of creative thinking, enthusiasm and experience has gained excellent results in the form of equipment tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. The company is growing rapidly and has ambitious plans for introducing latest technologies and branded components in products.Manta_MS5002

To meet customers’ new system was introduced RMA service, expanding the range and quality of services. Manta Media distributes its products mainly through large retail chains and specialized in the whole country. It also works with distributors from all over Europe. To meet customer expectations, Manta Media offers its products in many stores internetowycn. Fast delivery and comprehensive service are strong assets of the company.

Manta is a guarantee of quality confirmed by ISO certificates:

  •          Quality Management System in compliance with z ISO 9001:2008 (a standard accepted and recognised all around the world);
  •          Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 (Eco-management – care about the natural environment);
  •          Occupational Health and Safety Management System in compliance with PN-N-18001:2004 (a certification system increasing working comfort in the company, very rarely issued in Poland);
  •          Information Security Management System in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (guarantees that the necessary precautions are met in order to secure the information against unauthorised access).



Clothing branch






GLÜCK company is a Polish manufacturer of bedding and clothing for babies. In order to offer the highest quality products, continually examines the expectations of its customers, resulting in a healthy and safe products of the highest quality. In 2010, the company received the mark Safe for Children – a certificate issued by the Institute of Textiles in No. 222 / AC / 017 and 223 / AC / 017.

Marking this mark confirms that the product does not contain substances harmful to the child’s health, ensuring proper development of micro and secure environment. The products have been tested at the Institute of Occupational Medicine. Prof. George Nofera in Lodz, have the status of a product antiallergic.



Food branch


www.wedel.pl – Distribution

E.Wedel is the oldest Polish brand of chocolate, regarded as the symbol of chocolate and refined taste. Its name represents Emil Wedel’s signature, used on each product to distinguish it from others.img

Its taste is an exceptional combination of tradition and the modern, which makes it a long known symbol of chocolate and refined taste. Its name represents Emil Wedel’s signature, used on each product to distinguish it from others. The secret of unique composition of tastes which E.Wedel products are known for, lies in the original and carefully guarded recipe. Chocolates and chocolate-covered marshmallows called Ptasie Mleczko® were created in 1930s and have been E.Wedel’s most famous products.

In 1851 Karol Wedel set up his first patisserie at Miodowa street in Warsaw. At that time it sold still relatively unknown delicacies, and instantly won citizens’ hearts. As early as then the primary assortment included drinking chocolate.Wedel_Wedel_Torcik_Wedlowski_250g_96887955_0_350_350

The company’s boom was observed in the interwar period. In 1930 a new chocolate factory was opened in the district of Praga, Warsaw and such new products as Ptasie Mleczko® entered the assortment of E.Wedel shops. First shops opened outside Warsaw were located in cities like Cracow, Lodz and Poznan and with time Wedel’s products were distributed to brand-name shops in Europe, United States and Japan. In late 1930s E.Wedel was already a well established brand with a wide and attractive offer.

World War 2 stopped the development of the company. Although production restarted after the war, the new communist commitee dismissed Jan Wedel from the factory at the end of 1945. In 1949 the company was nationalised and its name changed into Państwowe Zakłady Produkcyjne im. 22 Lipca. Reprivatisation started later in 1989 and brough the name of E.Wedel back. Currently Wedel is owned by Lotte, a concern from Japan.

Grocery branch